Playing with Patterns

In this most recent body of work, Caryn Brown is Playing with Patterns.  She composes repeating elements in her work to create a sense of balance, movement, and rhythm.  She incorporates her interpretation of pattern on both her functional and narrative pieces. Caryn has collaborated with textile artist Alan Spaeth.  Together they play with pattern […]


Llee Ligocki’s work is visually compelling.  There is much to see and discuss in her work.  Each piece tells a story and that story can be different to different viewers.  She creates work that facilitates social dialogue.

5×5 Event

5×5 at the Depot is an art exhibit with a twist.  All the artwork is the same size, 5”x5”.  All the artwork is donated by the artists.  But each artwork is unique in concept and from a variety of media.   There is a great deal or pre-event chatter with patrons discussing their favorite artists.  […]