May 8 – 5×5 2020

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is 5x5 at the Depot?
5x5 at the Depot is a fundraising event. The proceeds from the sale of
artwork provide critical funding for the Depot.
Where does the Depot get the art they offer at the 5x5?
The original 5”x5”artwork offered in 5x5 at the Depot has been donated by
regional artists.
Where does the 5x5 take place?
This year 5x5 at the Depot will take place on the internet.
When is the 5x5 at the Depot, Digital Edition?
5x5 at the Depot, Digital Edition begins on Friday May 8, at 5 pm. Log in to
How much is a 5x5?
Each 5x5 is offered at $55.00.
How can I buy a 5x5?
Follow the 5x5 link at or log into
How do I pay for my 5x5?
You can pay for the items in your shopping cart using a credit or debit card.
We recommend that you have your credit card information handy. Don’t
waste valuable shopping time fishing it out of your wallet.
When do I get my 5x5?
There will be scheduled times for curbside pick-up at the Depot Museum
and Art Gallery, 525 Broadway, Beverly Shores.
What happens if I cannot come to pick up my 5x5?
The Depot can mail your 5x5s to you for a discounted, flat $5.00 postage
fee. You will indicate your preference for shipping at check out.
Is there a limit to the number of 5x5s that I can buy?
There is no limit to the number of 5x5s that you can purchase.
If I put something in my shopping cart, is it mine?
No. A 5x5 is only guaranteed to you if you are the first person to check out
with it in your cart.
Can a 5x5 be in more than one person’s cart?
Yes. A certain 5x5 can be in more than one shopping cart until it is
purchased by someone at check out.
What does sold out mean?
If you see the phrase “Sold Out” listed under a work of art in the online
gallery, that means it has already been sold. If that message appears during
your check out, “Sold Out” means someone purchased something in your
shopping cart before you did. We recommend you don’t delay your
If I don’t wish to buy a 5x5 but I DO wish to support The Depot, how
can I do that? 
We welcome all donations as a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
Just follow the “Donate” link on the website. It will take you
to a page to make a donation.
What does the Depot do with the funds raised from the 5x5?
The Depot Museum and Art Gallery uses the proceeds from this fundraiser
to support ongoing programming. One current project is the development
of a Heritage Walking Trail in Beverly Shores.


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