5×5 At the Depot

The Depot Museum and Art Gallery is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year and we’re opening the 2018 season with something brand new and exciting.

5×5 at the Depot highlights the FUN in FUNdraising with this exhibition opening at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 11, 2018.

As a Nonprofit Museum and Gallery, we at the Depot are always looking for creative and fun ways to raise the funds necessary to continue our programming. This year we are launching an exhibition of works done in a variety of mediums, conforming to a 5”x5” square and all donated by the artists.

Established, mid-career, and emerging artists are showing us all how supportive the arts community is. More than 30 regional artists have donated original art to be displayed and offered at the Depot. Curator Caryn Brown commented, “I don’t know of a more supportive group of people. We put the call out and these artists stepped up to help us.”

Imagine the gallery walls lined with 50 or more pieces of original art. Visitors will have the pleasure of seeing artwork in a broad variety of mediums. Some artists work in clay, while others create in watercolor. There are acrylic paintings and works of fiber art. There are pieces of art photography and others of kiln glass. Patrons will have the opportunity to acquire another piece of a particular artist’s work or to begin collecting an artist who is new to them. For some people it may be the first piece of original art they acquire. We hope to introduce original art to a whole new generation of collectors.

One of the most exciting parts of opening night will be the buying process. Unlike a traditional exhibition, where patrons casually sip wine while they contemplate and discuss the merits of a particular piece, this event has a “Finders Keepers” feel to it. The first person to “claim” a particular piece of art, adds that piece to their collection. If a person wishes to purchase art from this exhibit, they will need to have a “claim tag(s).” Claim tags will be available for purchase prior to and during the show. Claim tag in hand, visitors enter the exhibition space, find their favorite piece(s) and place their claim tag proximate to the piece they want for their own. If the artwork has already been “claimed” it is no longer available :-(. So they don’t miss out, we are encouraging patrons to purchase their “claim tags” prior to the exhibit. Claim Tags are available for $55.

Some visitors will have a laser like focus, and know which work by which artist they are looking for. Other visitors may have a more wandering approach, carefully looking at each piece before making their selection. There may be some people who take a more emotionally responsive approach, placing their claim tag on the first piece of work that moves them. There is no right way or wrong way to approach this exhibit. We want the public to have fun.

5×5 at the Depot – is a fun show and an opportunity for people to pick up a wonderful piece of original art at an affordable price. All proceeds from this exhibit support the Depot Museum and Art Gallery and it’s programs.

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