Palet Knife Oils

                I am innately drawn to theme of nature; the colors, seasons, changing of light, and the sheer beauty.  With today's chaos and negativity happening in the world around us  I feel that  stepping back into nature is a way for me to battle the issues that weigh so heavily upon the world and upon me.  Many of the horrific things that are happening in the world are man-made, and I combat this with the opposite.  Through my work, I strive evoke a moment of peace, curiosity and wonder.  I seek to enhance the experience further by exaggerating my color palette to unnatural, saturated tones.

                There is a geometric element to my work that is another battle within itself.  On one hand, it is the opposite of man-made in the sense that in today's society we have access to everything in HD and photography with immense detail and clarity.  My style abstracts reality and eliminates these details and gives the viewer a break from the 21st century clarity.  Yet, maybe it is just pixilated...  



Caryn Brown is an curator, collector, and artist. Primarily self-taught, she is currently working in glass. She creates images and depth by heating (sometimes as hot as 1500 degrees) and manipulating various sizes and colors of glass.   Her work is primarily offered at the Beverly Shores Museum and Art Gallery.  



Eco Artist Laura Marie Panozzo and her works are bringing renewed interest to the ecosystem of the dunes. She partners with many organizations and industry and holds special permits to gather wood from privately held property, federal and state park land, and areas of industry. Her pieces, made from the materials she has collected, communicate a respect for nature and a love of the earth's ability for renewal. Her art is immediately recognizable as steeped in the natural but her process speaks to finding harmony with industry.

Panozzo has studied art, created art, and taught art in Chicago, Florence Italy, and Puerto Rico.   She returned to LaPorte Indiana four years ago and opened Earth Angel Eco Art Studio. There she teaches and creates art as well as being involved in causes such as Birds of Unity.


Robert Stanley is a painter and computer artist based in the Chicago area.
Although born in Florida to an Army Air Corps father who liked to draw and a mother who had won voice competitions, he did not do anything artistic until becaming a monk, where arts were introduced to young candidates. After several years, he left the religious Order, and began exhibiting in Cincinnati, Ohio, while teaching at the University of Dayton and Earlham College.
After graduating from Pratt Institute in New York, he exhibited artworks around the USA while teaching college in Pennsylvania and Illinois.
His works have been exhibited in The William Penn Museum in Harrisburg PA, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Chamaliere, France, Midwest Museum of Art, The Brauer Museum, Ft. Wayne Museum of Art, Koehnline Museum, Hyde Park Art Center, and Evanston (IL) Art Center.
His artwork has been written about in 2001 International Digital Art Awards, L’Association Musee D’Art Contemporain “Une Brève et Ample Énonciation,” the Koehnline Museum of Art’s Artwalk at Oakton, the Chicago Tribune, and The New Art Examiner.
TThe trajectory of his work has moved from images of an open doorway, to borders beyond what can be seen, and on to chaotic connections. The breadth of his work reflects the breadth of his influences: Johns, Kandinsky, Diebenkorn, Sally Mann, and Bill Viola, as well as biologist E.O. Wilson and Edward Lorenz’ Chaos Theory. The compositions evoke a disjointed world, yet connections between objects are suggested, enigmas in the chaos of life.
Living near Chicago in a wooded area along the lake, he combines images of people, the city, and landscape in personal and metaphysical adventures. More information can be found at http://robertstanleyart.com